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GeekWire: Meet the 24 New Startups in TechStars Accelerator

Planette joins Techstars 2023 Accelerator
Planette joins Techstars 2023 Accelerator

Startup accelerator program Techstars Seattle on Monday unveiled 24 companies for its 15th cohort, doubling the class size from last year’s dozen graduates.

This year’s cohort is made up of industry vets from diverse fields like healthcare and robotics. Founders hail from large tech companies such as Meta, Microsoft, and Nordstrom.

“These experts have built really great businesses or products within those large industries,” Techstars Managing Director Marius Ciocirlan told GeekWire. “But now they can leverage AI to rethink those entire industries and build (products) from the ground up in a very native way.”

The pitch: “Empowers enterprises to adapt to climate change by providing year-ahead extreme weather risk forecasts.”

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