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We use the latest advances in Earth system science and AI to deliver precision forecasts,
1 month to 5 years ahead.

Our technology is grounded in 15 years of research in Earth system prediction, enhanced and operationalized with SURA™, Planette’s generative AI foundation model of the Earth system.

Our seasonal forecasts beat the very best that NOAA and ECMWF have to offer.

Addressing the Forecasting Gap

In business, you need to regularly make decisions about the future - how many seedlings to plant next month, how much plywood to order next quarter, or how much residential energy demand to plan for next year.

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But as the Earth's climate becomes warmer, more volatile, and less certain, these decisions become tougher. In today's changing world, you need accurate data about the future to guide you.

This is where Planette can help.  

A typical weather forecast can only look up to 14 days ahead. Climate projections look all the way to mid-century and beyond. But using recent advances in Earth system science and machine learning, Planette bridges the forecasting gap between weather and climate, providing ​a look into the future at the exact time horizons that matter the most for your business - next month, next quarter, next year, up to 5 years into the future.  

The Physics of Gap Forecasting

Predictions beyond 14 days aren't possible with weather models.

Instead, seasonal and multi-year forecasts require Earth system models, sophisticated mathematical representations of geophysical fluid dynamics that include the complex interactions between the atmosphere, ocean, ice, and terrestrial surfaces.  

Predictability at these time horizons relies on the memory of the ocean, which takes much longer to forget initial conditions than the atmosphere.


While the atmosphere forgets where it started from in just a couple of weeks, the ocean takes years, even decades, to forget. This makes the global ocean the most important element to get right when predicting environmental variables next month or next year.

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Image by Steve Johnson

Using AI to Accelerate Earth System Science

Harnessing the Power of Deep Learning

Artificial intelligence and deep learning have revolutionized many industries, from healthcare to finance to transportation: from enabling more rapid pharmaceutical discovery, to automating fraud detection, streamlining manufacturing, and allowing for self-driving delivery vehicles. 

Environmental forecasting is no different. In the past several years, deep learning models have been developed that can actually predict weather over the next several days with better accuracy than our very best physics-based weather models.​​​

At Planette, we are at the forefront of developing deep learning models with novel architectures and training inputs to produce quality seasonal, annual, and multi-annual forecasts. From graph networks to neural operators and hybrid models, our AI scientists are harnessing cutting-edge, physics-informed algorithms to produce the next generation of forecasting models with best-on-the-planet accuracy.

What We Forecast

We deliver all the environmental variables your business needs for future-forward decisions, in a format that's easy to integrate into your operational workflow. Directly access forecasts through our convenient data API, or use our intuitive data visualization platform.

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Energy and Agriculture Variables

Take a look at the coming growing season and expected agricultural yields.  Or get a handle on the energy market over the next year, from expected renewable energy production to residential energy demand. Our monthly variables can tell you what to expect in the future, from next month to next quarter to next year.



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Extreme Weather Variables

From floods to record-breaking storms to wildfires, extreme weather is on the rise as our planet warms. With the rise in extreme weather, losses of life and property are mounting. Now, you can understand the risks of severe weather, months and years into the future, so your business can be prepared. Our extreme weather risk forecasts are the most loss-predictive in the industry, allowing you to plan for how the risk of severe weather will vary from one year to the next, around the globe and everywhere you do business.

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Flash Flood

Image by Lucian


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Rotating Cloud

Severe Convective Storm


Severe Hail

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Image by Khamkéo Vilaysing

High Winds

Now, are you ready to take a look into the future?

Take your business decisions to the next level with the best forecasts on the planet.

Interested in learning more about how Planette achieves such precision forecasts?


Explore our FAQs!

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