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The Environmental Intelligence Edge for Commodities Trading

Stay 12 Months Ahead of the Curve

Unlock superior trading performance 1 month to 1 year in advance of the market with Planette's AI-enhanced environmental forecasts for variables that impact the price of soft commodities like cocoa, corn, palm oil, coffee, wheat, cotton, soybeans, sugar along with energy demand and renewable energy output. Our innovative environmental forecasting methods consistently outperform traditional methods, delivering unmatched accuracy in predicting future price movements.

Cocoa is Risky Business.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Stay ahead of risky cocoa price movements by leveraging Planette's mid-term forecasting capabilities, which incorporate critical environmental factors impacting yield.

Planette forecasts use high-resolution Earth system models, initialized with key scientific observations of the global oceans, combined with our patent-pending AI algorithms to improve, accelerate, and amplify forecast production over time horizons from next month to 5 years in the future, on a 25-km grid covering the entire globe.


Planette environmental forecasts capture critical factors that others miss, providing you with the data and insights needed to optimize your trading strategies and capitalize on price shifts before market.

Maximize Your Returns on Corn.

Elevate your corn trading strategy with Planette's cutting-edge forecasts, providing a competitive advantage through early price predictions even before the growing season.

Planette's science-based, AI-enhanced forecasts show you the pricing impacts of climate variables on commodities like cocoa and corn 1 month to 1 year in advance of the market.

That's why forward-thinking traders are turning to Planette's cutting-edge gap environmental forecasting platform to stay ahead of climate-driven commodity price moves.

Enhance Energy Trading Performance 

Planette's forecasts redefine how you approach energy trading. Add our insights to anticipate demand dynamics and renewable energy output, unlocking greater profitability and success in the market.

  • Long-range temperature forecasts enable superior projections of heating/cooling demand.

  • Solar irradiance and 100-m (hub height) wind forecasts provide insight into renewable energy production.

  • Precipitation outlooks inform hydroelectric power generation forecasts, influencing electricity futures and natural gas demand for power plants.

Gain a competitive edge in summer energy markets by harnessing Planette's residential electricity demand forecasts, expertly projecting Texas' peak cooling loads.

The founding team’s multi-million dollar projects and partners include major US federal agencies.

Predict Commodity Impacts with Precision

Planette uses advanced Earth system models and machine learning to deliver granular, 25-km grid location-specific forecasts from next month up to 5 years in the future for key environmental variables including:

Superior seasonal projectionseven before the seeds are in the ground...

With environmental forecasts updated monthly at a high spatial resolution, you can precisely quantify impacts on production of soft agricultural commodities like grains, oilseeds, coffee, cotton and more. Identify potential supply shocks from drought, heat waves, flooding or other extremes and adjust your positions before the rest of the market can act.


With Planette, you'll have a decisive edge in anticipating fundamental supply and demand shifts before they get priced in.

Integrate Environmental Intelligence Into Your Workflow

The true power of Planette comes from integrating our powerful predictive signals with your own proprietary data sources:

  • Overlay temperature/precipitation forecasts with crop models and yield data

  • Combine heating/cooling degree days with energy demand forecasts

  • Analyze solar irradiance impacts on solar/renewable asset performance

  • Integrate precipitation forecasts with energy supply/demand models to project impacts on extraction, production and electricity generation


Planette's flexible APIs allow you to seamlessly blend our forecasts into your existing models, analyses and decision workflows.

Stay More Than One Step Ahead

Whether trading in energy or agriculture futures, having an accurate climatic pulse on the markets is critical.


Don't let the next weather shock or climate shift blindside your trading book. By seamlessly integrating Planette's superior environmental intelligence into your workflow, you'll always stay one step ahead of commodity market impacts driven by changing weather patterns and climate trends.


Gain your unfair advantage and start capitalizing on gap forecasts today. The commodities trading elite are already leveraging Planette - isn't it time you joined them?

Set up a discovery call today to find out more!

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