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Get the Environmental Intelligence Edge for Commodities Trading

Weather moves Commodities Markets

From cocoa to coffee to natural gas to water, the weather has an enormous impact on commodities price movements.

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As the Earth's climate changes, the weather is also changing.

Greater volatility and frequent extremes are becoming the new norm.

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We can help you get a handle on rising volatility and extremes.

Planette offers the best environmental forecasts on the planet to help you stay ahead of the weather: one month ahead, one year ahead, or anywhere in between.

Take a clear look into the future, months ahead, before the markets price it in.

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Predict weather-driven price movements in energy, water, and soft commodities, months in advance.

Planette predicts environmental variables with best-on-the-planet accuracy.

We use state-of-the-art Earth system models and advanced machine learning to deliver powerful environmental insights for all your trading needs, looking months (or even years) into the future.

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Our precision environmental forecasts cover the entire globe, and are optimized for all your trading needs. 

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Founded by internationally-recognized scientists, who have led multi-million dollar projects funded by major federal agencies.

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Easily integrate best-on-the-planet environmental intelligence into your daily workflow.

Our flexible data APIs allow you to seamlessly blend our forecasts into your existing models, analyses, and decision workflows.


Don't be blindsided by the next major weather shock or surprise El Niño.

Harness the best environmental forecasts on the planet to super-power your trading decisions.

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