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The Founders

Introducing an exceptional duo with a track record of leadership and execution.

Our Team

Our Advisors

Dr. Linda Hedges

AWS, High Performance Cloud Computing SME
Cloud Computing Architecture


Dr. Stephen Yeager

NCAR, Near-term Climate Predictability SME
Earth System Predictability


Suresh Kumar

Xerox PARC, Business Development
Product-Market Fit


Raj Ponnusamy

Clari, Software Engineering SME
Enterprise SaaS Product Development

Kate Stillwell

Founder, JumpStart Insurance
Insurance and Finance SME

Fatima Ahmed

Deep Tech Business Development

Shivam Kishore

Sustainable Finance & Development
Digital Transformation

Aparna Rae

Moving Beyond, Entrepreneur

Data for Inclusive Change

Chuck Kimble

Customer Relationships, Sales & Profitability
Client Engagement

Dr. Philip Rasch

US DOE, Former Chief Scientist

​Earth System Model Development

Our Investors


Our Best-on-the-Planet Forecasts

Planette's advanced forecasts are unique in the forecasting industry, predicting environmental conditions months and years into the future with high skill. Explore the science and machine learning behind Sura™️, our Earth system prediction engine, and learn how your business can harness the power of our environmental forecasting platform to look into the future.

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