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Planet Earth with Forecasted Data Points

Breakthrough forecasting technologies to power data-driven decision making.

We enable proactive, informed business decisions using science-backed, AI-accelerated environmental forecasts.

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Precision Forecasts that Drive Your Critical Business Decisions

Unlike other climate intelligence products on the market today, Planette’s forecasts can predict quarterly, seasonal and year-to-year ups and downs in key environmental variables, including extreme weather risks like heat waves, severe storms, wildfires, hail and floods. 

If you knew what the next year held, what would you do for your business today?


Powerful Forecasts, Informed by Science, Made Actionable by AI

Our forecast engine is grounded in 15 years of near-term climate prediction science, enhanced and operationalized with the speed of AI.

Accelerated by AI. Our AI-enhanced patent-pending workflow combines physics-based models and remote sensing observations, with the speed of hybrid machine learning methods, allowing for more rapid forecast production and better predictive skill.

How can the latest science and AI enhance your decision-making?

Forecasting Products

Planette’s climate forecast products include fourteen key forecasting variables that deliver critical climate insights.

Wild Fire

Precision 101

Hindcast - Q1 2024
Forecast - Q2 2024

  • Temperature

  • Precipitation

  • 100-m Wind Speed

  • Surface Solar Irradiance

  • Specific Humidity

  • Heatwave Risk

  • Wildfire Risk

Hurricane Map

Precision 201

Hindcast - Q4 2024
Forecast - Q2 2025

  • Flood Risk

  • Windstorm Risk

  • Hurricane Risk

  • Extreme Precipitation Risk

  • Severe Convective Storm Risk

  • Severe Hail Risk

  • Tornado Risk

All Forecasts are updated quarterly and automatically connect to your systems with our convenient data API. All forecasting features are available over a 25-km grid covering the entire globe. Our Hindcasts compare forecasting system backtests to historical data to ensure adequate forecast quality for every use case. 


Empowering Data-Driven Decision-Making Touching Every Industry


Year-ahead forecasts allow real estate portfolio holders to plan for utility expenditures, insurance coverage, and climate retrofitting.


Year-ahead forecasts of energy production and demand allow utilities to balance load and ensure the continuing reliability of the grid.


Season-ahead and year-ahead forecasts give options traders a boost in assessing upcoming trends in derivatives and futures markets.


Seasonal forecasts allow caretakers to create optimal growing conditions for fish and shellfish, ensuring continued healthy harvests.


Longer range forecasts, up to five years into the future, help companies design new products, underwrite policies effectively, and manage risk.


Season-ahead and year-ahead forecasts give governments and NGOs the intelligence to gather and distribute resources for upcoming hazards.


Climate change is here

Almost three in five (59%) say that if businesses don’t act now to combat climate change, they are failing their employees and customers.


We equip businesses with actionable climate intelligence

Weather forecasts (up to 14 days) and climate projections (for the next 50 to 100 years) are ubiquitous. However, there are few forecasting solutions that provide intelligence on year-to-year ups and downs in environmental conditions, leaving businesses and communities without critical insights for decision making at a time of great global change.  

We fill this forecasting gap, providing organizations with the environmental intelligence they need to thrive in a warmer, more volatile world.  



Secure Family Businesses and Food Systems

Oysters aren’t nearly as resilient as their human caretakers.

Oyster farmers lose millions in harvest revenue when ocean waters are too warm or too fresh. Skilled forecasts of ocean temperatures and sea water salinity, 3 to 6 months ahead of time, allow farmers to adjust growing conditions so both oysters and their farms can thrive.



Protect Critical Projects from Climate Chaos

The future depends on the timely construction of renewable energy facilities

The global transition to renewable energy requires an unprecedented investment in new infrastructure. But weather extremes, like severe convective storms and hurricanes, cause millions in damages to construction work sites and delay project completion. Skilled forecasts of extreme weather risks a year ahead give construction companies time to plan how to secure large work sites, well ahead of storms.



Invest in the Health of our Cities

Take life-saving measures to prevent mass casualty events.

Summer heatwaves are increasingly common across our cities worldwide. Daily high temperatures in Phoenix, Arizona exceeded 110F for over six weeks during the summer of 2023. With increasing heat comes the rising risk of deadly power outages due to high energy demand that exceeds grid energy supply. Skilled forecasts of energy production and demand, a season or a year ahead, can help utilities load balance the grid, prevent blackouts, and keep a city’s residents cool.

Learn how our forecasts can guide your business decisions. Schedule a call.

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