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Umi™ ENSO Forecasts

Umi™ is an advanced, physics-based, AI-enhanced forecast system that predicts the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO), beating the best existing ENSO forecasting models in the world.

Skillful ENSO forecasts are immensely valuable to the world economy: a 1% improvement in ENSO prediction accuracy conservatively translates to $18B in exposure reduction for a one-standard-deviation shock.
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Don't Be Caught Off-Guard

The Nino 3.4 Index the most widely used indicator of the El Niño-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) in the Pacific Ocean. The index is used to identify the phase of ENSO, which has significant teleconnections to weather patterns around the world.

Umi™ Beats Every Other Forecast On The Market

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Peer Into The Future

Umi™ is the most accurate El Niño forecast on the planet and it's the only ENSO product to beat the notorious spring predictability barrier.

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Manage Your Volatility

The Nino 3.4 index accounts for over one-third of year-to-year fluctuations in global temperature, rainfall, and other critical environmental variables.

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Pinpoint Growing Seasons

Get a handle on growing season conditions around the world — frost days, growing degree days, water resource availability, intense rainfall, and aridity.


Avoid Portfolio Shocks

Globally, each of the last 2 Super El Niño events have been associated with $5T USD in global losses — be in the know before the shock hits your portfolio, and your wallet.

Extreme Storm

Anticipate Severe Weather Risks

The Nino 3.4 Index is the most important global predictor of severe weather risks, including floods and extreme precipitation, severe convective storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

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Mitigate Economic Losses

El Niño causes huge losses, but La Niña doesn’t cause symmetric gains — track how greater volatility exacerbates losses, shocks, and uncertainties and build an informed response.

The Best El Niño Forecasts on the Planet

Umi™ not only outperforms the best existing ENSO forecasting models from leading prediction centers, like NOAA and ECMWF, but also breaks through the notorious spring predictability barrier.  Umi™ is the only model to successfully capture the recent triple-dip La Niña (2020 - 2023) and Super El Niño (2023 - 2024) events.

The only ENSO forecast product to beat the spring predictability barrier

Captures recent triple-dip La Niña and Super El Niño events


World-leading accuracy,

from 1 month to 6 months

into the future

Forecast includes uncertainty analysis and interpretability tools

Try Umi™ for Free until September 30, 2024!

6-Month Lead Time

Umi™ has a 6-month forecast lead time (one month further time horizon than ECMWF).

Unmatched Accuracy

Umi™ is the only ENSO forecast product to beat the spring predictability barrier.

Over 10 TB of Data

Over 10 TB of data used to train 10,000 deep learning neural network parameters.

Free Access Until Sept 30, 2024

You can cancel anytime before September 30, 2024.


Monthly Forecast Updates

Forecasts are updated monthly and immediately available in your dashboard.

High-Precision Forecasts

Confidence intervals allow for uncertainty quantification and interpretability.

Global Teleconnections

Subscription includes a teleconnections map to visualize ENSO impacts around the world.

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