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GeekWire asks how AI is impacting Planette's business

GeekWire’s in-depth startup coverage tells the stories of the Pacific Northwest entrepreneurial scene.

The startups in the latest Techstars Seattle batch span a range of industries — and AI is having a significant impact on all of them.

GeekWire spoke to nearly 50 founders that are participating in the 15th cohort of Techstars Seattle, which counts companies including Remitly, Outreach, Skilljar, Mass Reforestation, and others as alumni.

Many of the 24 companies use AI tools such as GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT to boost productivity. Others have AI embedded within the products.

Planette's Responses:

The pitch: The company helps enterprises adapt to climate change by providing year-ahead extreme weather risk forecasts.

Founders: Kalai Ramea was an associate director and senior manager at the Palo Alto Research Center. Hansi Singh is an assistant professor in the School of Earth and Ocean Sciences at the University of Victoria.

AI’s impact on weather: "The transformer network has the ability to process lots of data," Ramea said. "It’s similar to neural networks, but it can remember things more in the time dependencies. It is very useful for climate, in that sense, because we are taking a chain of events, and then you’re predicting the next event."

On challenges: The company, which is developing climate prediction tools to forecast for a few months up to five years, will face competition from a number of large companies, Singh said.

Read more at GeekWire to learn more about AI’s impact on their industry, the biggest challenges other startups in the Techstars cohort expect.



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