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Planette Announces Pre-Seed Fundraising

Planette founders Dr. Hansi Singh and Dr. Kalai Ramea raise $2.4M in pre-seed funding in 2024

We are excited to announce that our over-subscribed pre-seed fundraising round has closedPlanette has partnered with a syndicate of visionary investors. Audacious Ventures, a Silicon Valley-based, horizontal SaaS, early-stage fund, led the round.  Follow-on capital came from Dash Fund (a NYC-based fintech VC), Jetstream (a climate-tech fund based in SV), Graham & Walker (a Seattle-based impact fund focusing on women founders), and strategic angels.

Planette delivers advanced climate forecasts enabling companies of all sizes to make proactive, informed business decisions for a sustainable and profitable future. Our intelligent predictive forecasting platform is a science-informed and AI-accelerated strategic tool that integrates seamlessly into your business operations, enhancing your competitiveness as climate volatility threatens your bottom line.

The Planette team is excited to begin this next phase of company building!



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