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AI-Accelerated Environmental Forecasts

We're excited to share that our CEO, Dr. Hansi Singh, recently appeared on Andy Polaine's "Power of Ten" podcast to discuss Planette's innovative approach to environmental forecasting and climate adaptation. Dr. Singh highlighted our focus on providing actionable mid-term environmental predictions, bridging the crucial gap between short-term weather forecasts and long-term climate projections. This is the forecast time horizon that enables businesses, governments, and organizations to make informed decisions and prepare for climate-related challenges in the coming months to years.

We're not just predicting tomorrow's weather or doomsday scenarios for 2050. Instead, we're filling that critical middle ground with actionable environmental intel for the months and years ahead.

During the interview, Dr. Singh explained how Planette leverages cutting-edge AI technology to enhance traditional environmental modeling techniques. By combining physics-based models with AI, we're able to produce more accurate and efficient forecasts, even for unprecedented climate events. This approach allows us to offer valuable insights to various sectors, including energy, insurance, and disaster preparedness.

As a mission-driven company, we're committed to making a significant impact on global climate adaptation efforts. Dr. Singh emphasized our goal of providing environmental intelligence not only to our clients, but also to vulnerable communities in developing countries. By expanding access to crucial climate information, we aim to improve resilience worldwide as we navigate an increasingly volatile climate future. We invite you to listen to the full podcast to learn more about how Planette is shaping the future of climate adaptation.


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