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Green Energy Turbines

 Environmental Intelligence to Power the Energy Future

Volatility, Intermittency, and Demand are Increasing

The world is changing. Energy challenges are bigger than ever before.

Death Valley

A Changing Climate

Our climate is changing, and the weather is not what it used to be. Environmental conditions are becoming harder and harder to anticipate. 

Solar Panels on Trees

New Power Sources

Wind and solar energy are the future of our energy system. But their intermittency creates enormous challenges for a functioning, dependable grid.

Repairing Air Conditioner

More Energy Demand

The modern world is hungry for energy. More infrastructure that's reliant on the electric grid, like vehicles, air conditioners, and houses, means more demand and higher stakes.

In this world, it's way too easy to let the lights go out.

Extreme weather, rising energy use, and environmental uncertainty are taking a toll on our power systems.

We can help.

Look months into the future and stay ahead of the market, using the best environmental forecasts on the planet.

Predict Environmental Variables with Cutting-Edge Accuracy for all your Energy Needs

Let state-of-the-art Earth system models and advanced machine learning work for you to deliver powerful forecast insights, months to years into the future.

Take a Clear Look into the Future with the Most Accurate Seasonal Outlooks on the Planet

The founders have led multi-million dollar scientific projects funded by major US federal agencies.

Integrate the Best Environmental Intelligence Into Your Operational Workflow

The true power of Planette comes from integrating our forecasts with your own asset-specific data, for critical operational insights on power demand, renewable energy production, load balancing, and optimal risk transfer.


Our flexible data APIs allow you to seamlessly blend our forecasts into your existing models, analyses and decision workflows.


Stay More Than One Step Ahead of the Environment

Don't get blindsided by the next wildfire, hurricane, wind drought, or heatwave. By integrating Planette's environmental forecasts into your decision making, you'll always stay more than one step ahead of the energy grid, regional power markets, and the weather.

Safeguard Operations

Protect your facilities from severe weather with plenty of lead time.

Protect the Public

Ensure that power needs are met using the best seasonal forecasts on the planet.

Keep the Lights On

Stay on top of energy demand, renewable energy production, and load balancing.

Don't wait for climate chaos to hit.
Get in touch with us today.  

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